The InvisiBelly Story


When I had my first child I struggled to lose the baby weight. I didn’t know how to juggle being a new mum with my own self-care so I focused entirely on my child. Healing from my pregnancy was a slow two-year process and throughout, my mum coaxed me to consider the age-old Asian belly wrapping ritual she learned from her mother-in-law, my grandma Leela. I balked!


After losing most of my baby weight, the hard way, I became pregnant with my second child. This time, I vowed to take better care of myself and recover more quickly. I remembered what mum said about belly wrapping and began my research.


My aha moment came when I thought, why not merge belly wrapping with the compression technology in athletic wear?I testedwhat I could find on the market and while the compression mimicked Asian belly wrapping,I knew I could design a better product. And so I created my wish list:


  • compression that began lower on the belly and rose above the belly button for more support, smoothing and slimming so I didn’t have to wear extra shaping underneath.
  • leggings that could withstand more than a few washings before falling apart.
  • leggings that I could wear to the gym that were also stylish enough to wear on a night out with friends, without looking like I was wearing workout clothes.
  • leggings that weren’t cheap and that didn’t make me feel, or look,frumpy.


What began as a ritual handed down by generations to heal the body postpartum, soon evolved into a lifestyle brand to help women feel more confident, fall in love with their bodies while doing good for the environment.